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Welcome to Easy Probate, a division of a  Brampton, Ontario law firm with decades of experience in Estates, Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Trustee Appointments procedures. 

We can give you straightforward, expert advice on Probate in Ontario.  For those with a a Last Will and Testament (testate succession), and those without a Last Will and Testament (intestate succession), we can help.

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BRINGING CLARITY TO willS and living willS

 Lu Amaral, CFA Wills & Estates Specialist  (647) 638-2284

Lu Amaral, CFA Wills & Estates Specialist

(647) 638-2284

For the unexpected, and for the planned, a Last Will and Testament is your assurance that those you love are protected, and our Easy Wills solution gives you the flexibility to choose what you need, at a price that you can afford.  Preparing a will that properly and adequately sets out your testamentary wishes is not a simple task and the problems that can arise if it is not done properly can result in significant expense for your estate, and the beneficiaries for whom you're actually planning to provide.  

Did you know that in certain circumstances the law enables some relatives such as a spouse or child to claim a greater provision out of a deceased estate than has been stated in the will?  We can prepare your legal will so as to best reduce the possibility of such a claim saving your estate the cost of an expensive legal dispute.  

Dying without a Last Will and Testament would cause those who will have to deal with your affairs a lot of problems, because they may not be sure of how you want your estate distributed after your death. They will be obliged by law to deal with the estate and distribute it in a particular way, which may not be what you would have chosen. Disputes over Wills can drive families apart and may need a lawyer to resolve them. Leaving a Will removes any doubt about to whom you want to leave your money and property. If you do not take professional advice about how best to plan your financial affairs before your death, and leave a properly drafted will, it is possible that some of your estate will go to the Government in unnecessary tax.

We offer Will and Living Will options that meet every need.